Camera Love

First of all I'd like to mention how technology has failed me this evening as I somehow removed all of the apps off my iPod and they did not sync to my iTunes, leaving me with a completely empty "Lists" app. Empty. I tried to frantically write down everything I can remember that I had in there, but boy have I already started relying on that program as an organizer, and I haven't even had it for a month! That'll teach me to have a backup plan for everything. So on to the real post:

I've been missing something for over a month now... something that became a permanent part of me since I got it for my birthday in May. And then it was gone, with the blink of an eye...that is, until I got a very important phone call today. You see, my camera was hospitalized after a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks in August. It's back in action, folks!

The good ol' Pentax. Sure, it's no SLR, but for a point and shoot, it takes some pretty awesome pictures. And it's definitely one of the most attractive cameras I've ever seen, with it's white finish and tiny frame. You better believe I'm going to make sure the lens blades don't get funky again, because five weeks is a long time to wait for repairs. Think of all the glorious pictures I could have taken during that time!

So maybe my love for my camera is a little overboard. But knowing that it's now safe in the company of my phone and ipod at the bottom of my purse, I feel a little bit more like myself again. I missed you, dear Pentax, welcome home.

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