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I know both of these are old news, but I wanted to put in my two cents on the subject of re-branding. Various ad campaigns and promos can only take the brand so far in my mind, and as customers/clients/the world evolves, so should the brand's image. Two more recent examples that I notice quite often are Pepsi and Jack in the Box.

I'll start with the bad news first. Pepsi. To sum it up... all I can really say is, why? Creating a new logo should be something that takes your business to another level. I'm not saying it has to be an extremely drastic change, but really, why change a good thing to something so... not?

The white squiggle in the middle is just annoying at this point- it's weak, and it doesn't hold its brand together nearly as well as the previous logo. Or logos... I'd be in total support of Pepsi bringing back the vintage look.
To make matters worse, the white squiggle changes between different types of Pepsi- thinner for Diet and beefier for Max. Add in the matching squiggle in the e, and I rest my case.
Honestly, all I can think of now after doing research on this logo is this image:
It has a striking resemblance to someone in need of a belt and longer shirt who is bending over, no?

And a little more humor before moving on to the good news:

Ahhhh Jack in the Box. Though I don't eat fast food, their logo update tempts me so very much. Before, the type ran together awkwardly and was placed inside a simple, beveled square.

Don't get me wrong, simple is great. But Jack in the Box knew it was time to update their image- and they totally hit the "jack"pot.

Add in the delicious repeating patterns and practical icons for packaging food, and you've got yourself a successful re-brand. But of course, when you go with a company like Duffy, you know you're going to get great design.

I will, however, always think that the Jack in the Box mascot is creepy. Surely they could find some way to update him as well?

I'm sure I could go on and on about this topic, especially with major business like Walmart doing an overhaul, and Pizza Hut dropping the pizza from their name. Maybe I'll save those for a later date.

If you're looking for an interesting re-brand, check out Space 150. Claiming that they're "Overcommitted to business evolution," Space 150 upgrades their entire logo and identity system every 150 days. Not to mention keeping up with their work for big names like Dairy Queen, Starz and the Discovery Channel.

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