Handmade Holidays

I promised myself this year that I would get my gifts together way earlier than I ever have. For one, I don't work in some form of retail this holiday season, so I don't have a crazy work schedule! And also, since I like to make a lot of my gifts, I can make sure I get them all done, and done well, if I do them early enough. Well, I haven't quite started on any yet... but I did make a list of what I'm going to make for who, and who will get store bought gifts. I think I'm also stalling a bit because of this:

Who could ask for anything more on Black Friday? I think there will be some great stuff here, especially for gift-giving. I just have to keep my budget in check! So in the meantime, I've been checking out the stuff here:

Not only does Sew Mama Sew feature three new projects each day in November, they also have giveaways, downloads, recipes... you name it. And two years in the archives! It's really a mecca of handmade gifts. I like to go to the sites they link to and also look up other tutorials that are featured that Sew Mama Sew didn't include in their list. Never-ending handmade happiness!

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