I love...

Yesterday I woke up about 15 minutes after I was supposed to leave for work to get there on time. Oops. I have a fairly lengthy commute, so my boss graciously let me adjust my schedule by a half hour so that I can get to work on time and not have to sit in traffic forever. Since I left home late, I ended up sitting in traffic.

One would think that would start me off to a no-good-very-bad day, but for some reason I was all smiles, all day long. So, I'd like to share a few things I love that could potentially be the culprit for my stellar mood.

1. Morning (decaf) tea, made with milk and honey. Even though I'm in a rush most mornings, when I get the tea going, it forces me to relax and enjoy the short 5 minutes it takes to drink it. P.S. How cute is design_ski's tea set (from etsy!)

2. Putting up Christmas decor. While I'm usually a justgetitdonenow kind of girl, I'm really enjoying dragging out the decorating this year.

3. A mani/pedi session with the girls to celebrate birthdays this weekend. And we get to bring ingredients to make ourselves mimosas. I've got the champagne glasses!

4. This man. Plain and simple.

I hope you can focus on the things you love when your day doesn't start out quite right.

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