I Am...

...fairly certain that 8.5 would be my ideal shoe size. Obviously, I can't change the fact that I'm more of a 9.5... or more often, a 10 (because I buy cheap shoes.) But 8.5 just sounds good.

...positive that I will always countdown 'til my birthday. As of today, we're 3 months and 3 days away... and this year, that same date will mark the temporary move-in date of this little lady:

as my parents are going on a European cruise and need a pupsitter for a few weeks.

...also counting down 'til I can go visit my parent's house in about 4 months. Unfortunately, I'll have to give up the pup at that time, but since it'll be June I'll get to enjoy the pool! And will make it a point to utilize the whirlpool tub this visit, since I forgot over Christmas.

...dying, I mean dying, to wear a skirt without freezing. Missouri, I am so over winter.

...feeling warm and fuzzy as I notice more traffic on my blog and Etsy site, make closer connections with fellow bloggers and crafters and see my goals within reach.

...clueless about what to make Sean for dinner, but I promised I would!

...breathing easy. I took Friday and Monday off work and am ready to check some things off my personal to do list for once!

...determined. I'm taking a continuing ed class tomorrow to learn more about Illustrator so I can be better at my job.

...dreaming of Spring. Of open doors and windows, lounging on the couch in shorts and a t-shirt, training for our 5k in the park, bringing Sean water and hugs as he plants his garden. Spring can't come soon enough.

Happy Friday!

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  1. I happened to wear a spring dress today. I *had* to because, I am over Winter as well!


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