My First Sale!

Yesterday, I finally made my first sale! And it was for two items. The anticlimactic part, however, is that I sold them to... my dad.

My dad and I at my 23rd birthday party... yeah, those are glow sticks. Don't be jealous.

Not that my dad can't be a customer! I'm thrilled to have sold two bags, and my dad plans on giving them as gifts for some upcoming birthdays of some very close family friends. It's just that the whole "be my first sale and get a free card case!" promotion seems to have gone to waste, as I don't think he even noticed the free gift when he made his purchase. Oh well, perhaps my mom will get a gift out of my Dad's Etsy purchase as well! And perhaps I have some more promotions up my sleeve in the near future...

And NOW... the plan is to hit a different market, you know, people who aren't part of my family? :) Happy shopping!


  1. You're very right, Elizabeth! Glad you've come to visit :)


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