A Hug From Taylor

It's a pretty well known fact to those I'm close to that I don't often get very star struck. For some stinking reason though, I have become quite the Taylor Swift fan over the last few years. I know, she's a good three and half years younger than me, plays pop-country crossover and sings sappy love songs that even I wonder about sometimes, (how could someone her age have experienced so many love stories and heartbreaks already?) but let's just put all of that behind. I'm a Taylor Swift fan. I like her music, I like her style and I like her (from what I've seen) as a person. And this website makes me like her even more!

I think the fact that I work in the Student Life department at my university has a bit to do with this project hitting home... I mean, these kids devoted so much of their time to following through with Taylor's challenges, it makes me envious! I want kids in our department to be so inspired to get something they really want that they'd take a little kid to meet his favorite baseball player, collect video of people walking little old ladies across the street, pack 13 friends into a car VW Bug style, and get in a plane to get an aerial shot of their cars parked in the shape of a huge number 13. Really? Really.

It also makes me want to get up and knock some personal goals off my list. Love. It. If you haven't yet visited this site, go there asap.

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