On Gratitude.

Something that I've noticed across the board in the handmade and blogging communities is the overwhelming amount of gratitude. Towards readers. Towards buyers. Towards like-minded artists and creators. Towards friends and family.

Last night I attended a concert that I'm certain I wouldn't have normally attended if it hadn't been part of my day-job. And I felt like I was in an entirely different world. I kept wondering throughout the night, are these people really doing what they love? Or are they just cashing in the paycheck? Certainly people have different measures of success, but it was quite obvious that mine was different from the performers'.

I could go on and on about how appalled I was at some of the night's highs and lows, but I'll spare you my "I'm too old for my age" banter. My real point here is that I don't think you should ever forget how you got where you are today. For me, there have always been people who have backed me up, believed in me, and helped me through. I know many are not as lucky to be able to say this, so for that good fortune, I am very grateful. For being exposed to such an event that made me realize this even more, I am very grateful. For having coworkers who are expert event planners and somehow maintain a calm and professional attitude throughout it all, I am grateful.

I know it's not always sunshine and rainbows. But I feel like having a good attitude towards it all makes it easier to pull through when things aren't going so great. This blog is, and always will be, a place for me to share that good attitude with you, and knowing that I have readers who are interested in my thoughts gives me much gratitude.

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  1. I liked your phrasing: 'I could go on and on about how appalled I was at some of the night's highs and lows, but I'll spare you my "I'm too old for my age" banter.' I feel the same a lot of the time.

    Personally, positive comments on any labour of love makes my gratitude scale go up to 11.

    My RL (real-life) job used to be web project manager. It's the kind of job where you get blamed and solve so many problems for other people, that it taught me to appreciate every milestone and achievement (even more than I did before).

    Nice post.


  2. I think that this such an important stance to take. Personally I find it is easy for me to complain about stupid, little things (and sometimes big things) but none of those things compare to the many blessings that are showered on me every single day.

    A very beautiful post.

    x, ash

  3. Perhaps there is nothing quite like dealing with the "rich and famous" to make one grateful for all the wonder and joy that exists in everyday life. I know I feel that way often.

  4. It's true, J... stops you right in your tracks!

    Thank you Ashton and Jacqueline!


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