Flanders Field Photography

If there's ever a "go to" seller for answering every last one of your Etsy related questions, it's definitely Jenny of Flanders Field Photography. Jenny specializes in flower and nature closeups, that are available in color, black and white, sepia and varying sizes. She's about to celebrate her shop's third birthday- so check it out!

Jenny is a full-time mom to two boys, but when she has time off she spends it with photography. "I wander out my door to take photos in my yard or my neighborhood, then head back inside and spend time on the computer deciding if any of them pass muster.  I'm lucky to live in Seattle, where there are many varieties of plants to choose from."

"I am inspired by nature, patterns and details, and by the possibility of helping people see things in a different way. I have an engineering background, and a friend once commented about the 'geometry' of my photos. I wasn't even aware of it at the time, but I think that's a big aspect of my work as well."" Jenny is a self-taught photographer. "I started taking pictures for the purpose of decorating our home, and I got good feedback from friends and family. When a friend told me about Etsy, I decided to see if others might like my work as well!" Turns out, they do!

Wound Up

Jenny's helpful nature in the Etsy forums made her an obvious choice to feature on You Had Me At Handmade. For any newbie who is thinking about going the Etsy route, Jenny suggests "that they do a lot reading and exploring of the site so they can understand how to best present their work.  The Help page is an obvious place to start, but they should also be sure to click around on the Buy page and become familiar with the different ways to shop on Etsy and how the search function works.  They should also spend some time in their category to get a sense of what works and what doesn't work when it comes to listing items, then develop their own style."

"What I like most about photography is the way it has helped me to see through different eyes.  I notice more details and have a better appreciation of the world around me.  And it's really rewarding when someone else enjoys my view as well!" I certainly notice the detail and work that Jenny puts into her photos! You can check out her shop here, or find her on Facebook.

I've got one jam packed weekend coming up! Tonight, my parents are coming to town to have a pre-birthday dinner with Sean and I, plus his parents are coming too! I'm thinking Mexican sounds good... AND to top it all off, my Lily dog is moving in for a month long vacation from my parents' house. Tomorrow, there's cupcakes, bowling, beer, pizza and lots of friends involved to celebrate the big 2-4. And finally, Sunday... the LOST finale is going to rock my world. Have a great weekend, everyone!


all images courtesy of Flanders Field Photography

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