Sunday Snapshot :: 3

It's Derby Day!

Yesterday we went to an event at a local bar called The Stable. They had huge screens to watch the Kentucky Derby, served mint juleps (found out I'm not a huge fan) and had a couple of contests for best hat and best dress (we didn't win.) Best of all... I totally picked the right horse! And I based it on his name. Let's just say I don't know much about horse racing aside from the fun names involved. Doesn't Super Saver just sound like the weekly newspaper ad with all the grocery coupons in it? Or, like, "I'm going to put an ad in the Super Saver for our garage sale next weekend." Yep. That's how I pick 'em.


  1. number 4 and the jockey's past performance. When in doubt #4.

  2. I love horse races! There are tracks not far from me in Ohio and had a blast going down there! I always pick my horses based on their name!


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