Nothing says patriotic... blue Pop Rock-rimmed glasses and a summery red cocktail! 


We're definitely breaking this one out for this weekend's 4th of July celebrations- courtesy of Food Network Magazine.

Especially since I'm still afraid of most fireworks; and probably always will be. I can handle Pop Rocks as a symbolic substitute. Except for the professional big guys; I can handle those. It's the front yard fireworks that get me... rather, all the intoxicated people playing with said fireworks in their front yards. Is that a midwest thing?

Anyway, in lieu of an engagement party Sean and I are making lunch and dinner dates all over the place with as many friends as possible. I'm excited for lots of good food and good company this weekend. On top of that, we already have five appointments to view potential wedding venues in the next week. Helps to have an extra day off on Monday!

Happy 4th, and three day weekend, everyone!

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  1. Pop rock cocktails??? Yes please! Thanks for sharing this totally awesome idea!!! I'm going to put it to use on Sunday. :)


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