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Can we talk about how I went to Chicago the weekend BEFORE the Renegade Craft Fair? For the third year in a row, I'm going to miss it. Perhaps next year... and maybe then the following year I can be a vendor!

So where did my obsession with RCF begin? Check it:

I realized when I was over at Renegade's site today that I've not really shared much about my first job out of college at Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazine. I know I toss the name out there every now and then, but since the magazine's now extinct, I'd like to give you a little peeky peek.

This is by far my most favorite spread I ever designed in the short 8 months of my MEHC career:

Although I was a bit disappointed by the title our writer came up with... I mean, really? That's all you've got for RENEGADE? Either way, I decided to dress it up for a little extra oomph, and ended up hand cross stitching and scanning in the "crafts" part of the title. Man I miss that place. Couldn't have asked for a better first job after graduation.

 What's something you're obsessed with but have yet to experience?

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  1. I think Renegade looks like a really cool craft fair to go to, it would be awesome if you were a vendor!

    Something I'm obsessed with but haven't done...before this summer I would have said seeing the Tour de France in person...I think waiting and wanting something makes it so much sweeter once you do get to do it!



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