Creative Clothing Alterations

I bought this dress from Hinterland Vintage a while back and I absolutely love it... I know, it's red, right! The only red thing in my wardrobe. But it works when I accessorize well. It's a tad too big for me. Instead of adding it to my ever growing pile of vintage/stuff I got from thrift stores/stuff I can't part with but needs to be updated/has a hole in the armpit clothing, I've just been wearing it.

So most of the time this isn't an issue at all... however, today as I sat down at my desk I looked down and could see just a bit too much of my slip poking out from underneath. Solution? A simple, tiny little office supply that I never seem to use for actual office purposes but find many uses for elsewhere: a paperclip*.

Allow me to demonstrate illustrate, as it's hard to take a photo of my own back:
Figure one: get your straps and your paperclip ready!

Figure two: With the open end down, slide the right strap OVER the open end, but under the rest of the parts of the paperclip (putting the strap inside the first loop of the paperclip)

Figure three: turn the paperclip 180 degrees counter clockwise to secure the strap inside the paperclip.

Figure four: take your left strap and put the open end of the paperclip OVER the strap, and slide the strap through the paperclip into the first loop (so it's right next to the right strap) and then along the bottom so that it ends up in the second loop of the paperclip.

Let it go and voila! No more inappropriate gapage in the front of your shirt or dress.

*Note, you probably could if you wanted to, but I wouldn't recommend this method unless you've worn a cardigan over your shirt or dress that day to hide your minor alterations. No need to be tacky with your paperclips hangin' out... unless you don't realize it until you have no other options, and by all means, it's less tacky to have your paperclips hangin' out than your whatnots.


  1. Your altered clothes are so cute! I especially love the top that you've added the rosettes too. What a great look!


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