You Had Me at Holidays... Princess Lasertron

Today's post is from Meg, aka, Princess Lasertron. I adore reading her blog, which is filled with stories of her business endeavors, personal aspirations and the oh-so-adorable Alice, her 7 month old baby. She's here tell you about sharing the holiday spirit with her coworkers: team building with sprinkles.

My name is Megan and I'm so excited to be doing a guest post today! You may knows me as Princess Lasertron, which is the business I started in 2005 to create accessories and the original felt flower bouquets for brides who were looking for alternatives to traditional options out there in the market. This year I also launched my first line of wedding and party dresses. What you may not know is that I'm also the owner of a creative coworking space called CAMP that I share with my employees as well as other local entrepreneurs. One of my favorite things to do in our studio space is surprise my coworkers with little parties to thank them for their hard work and support.

A few days ago we had a simple cookie decorating party that you could easily host for your office over lunch, for your friends after work, or for your kids during winter break!

I made a few batches of my favorite sugar cookie recipe at home. If you don't have time for this, you could definitely use store-bought dough. The point isn't to stress yourself out, so do whatever is easiest and most enjoyable for you.

I made a big bowl of my favorite white icing and brought some food coloring along with extra cups and knives to mix colors, and several containers of sprinkles, chocolate chips, pretzels--anything I had in my pantry to decorate cookies with! Everybody at the studio had a really fun time, and as word spread through Twitter, some of our friends from around town started showing up to help eat our handiwork!

So, that's one of my new favorite holiday traditions. It's nothing over-the-top or special, and it only takes an hour or so of preparation. I rolled out a simple cookie recipe, used social media to spread the word about a cookie decorating party, and let the natural flow of conversation and glad tidings take over from there!

 Thanks a bunch, Megan! Who else is ready to break out the cookie dough? Stay tuned next Monday for another FULL WEEK of You Had Me At Holidays guest posts. Happy Friday, everyone!

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