A Winter Getaway, Part Five

The whole reason for this trip in the first place: the wedding. And what a beautiful wedding it was. This is a very photo heavy post...

Our new friends from the states, all dressed up. Above Keyur and Sheethal, below Ivy and Mike.

Did I mention Sean was the best man in this wedding? He wore a traditional Philippine barong, which is a shirt that is made from pineapple fiber and hand embroidered with an intricate design. It's a good thing he was wearing it too, as it was HOT outside.

 Melissa did a little photo shoot for us before the wedding...

Thanks to this lady, I was able to find a floor length gown the week before we left at a very discounted price. Like over 60% off kind of discount. Loooove Nordstrom Rack! It was perfect for travel- no worries with stuffing the jersey fabric into my suitcase on the way there. The beaded horseshoe neckline and criss-cross straps in the back were my favorite part.

I totally ran out of time to do anything with my hair before we had to go, so same old ponytail it was. It turned out to be no big deal though; it was so stinking humid I would have melted out of an updo anyway. One very good reason Sean and I are not having a summer wedding here in good old MO.

Chandeliers in the trees

Dinner was in the side yard, and was something like a 7 course meal. There was soooo much good food. Stuffed spinach ravioli, beef, halibut, soup, you name it. There was even a dessert before the wedding cake.

The head table. They custom made that table to fit around the most gorgeous tree ever that was in the yard. The bride, groom and bridesmaids/groomsmen sat here.

Brothers before the ceremony

Anya's sister in law made this cake. Most of it is actually just foam, and there's a layer of cake on the bottom, but it's all covered in fondant (never thought I'd say this, but delicious fondant at that) and the flowers? ALL HANDMADE. Also very tasty.

Check that out! Such an amazing skill to have.

Parents of the groom

Justin, Jordon and Jake- brothers

Jadyn and her mom. Jadyn was one of three flower girls.

The whole Q family

On the dance floor. This is Anya's reception dress. Her wedding gown had so many layers she had to change into something she could move in!

Lots and lots of dancing

 And Jadyn got tired. I've never seen a child able to make such a pouty face for so long.

The one lonely portrait I have of the wedding party, inside the chapel. Hopefully I'll eventually be able to post some of the professional photos so you can see Anya and Justin and the details on their clothing much better. Every single bridesmaid dress, Anya's gown, and the three flower girls' dresses were all made by one of their family members in the 6 weeks before the wedding. And I thought prepping for a craft show was a lot of work...

We had an amazing time at this wedding. It was gorgeous, and was so wonderful to be able to share Justin and Anya's day with them. Up next... the couple takes us to the beach!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Beautiful pictures, especially that head table--oh my goodness.

    Based on the photos, I think it was probably good you got a long dress, no? :)

  2. I love, love, love your dress! This has been a wonderful recap - it looks like you all had an amazing journey!

    x, ash


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