Secrets, secrets

No doubt you've seen at least part of the royal wedding coverage today. If you haven't you should probably head on over to CNN asap. For me, the most intriguing part of it all was finally getting to see Kate's oh so secretive wedding gown.

Oh, the lace... I wish I could see this gown in person to examine all the little details. Though it's not exactly what I had imagined her wearing (I kind of imagined a dressed up version of what her sister and Maid of Honor Pippa wore to the wedding) Does Kate's gown remind you of another historic bride's notable gown?

And just for kicks... remember when I went shopping for my own wedding dress? Well I'm still not going to show you my actual dress until after the wedding, but I will show you one that I didn't end up choosing. I think this gown could turn into a top contender for brides who are going for a Duchess of Cambridge look as they pick their own gowns:

As beautiful as this gown is, when I put it on I kind of felt like a little girl who was playing dress up in her mother's closet. This gown has to be owned by the bride wearing it for sure, and as a 25 year old bride planning an outdoor wedding, I felt a bit too modest and formal in it. Perhaps if we were having a ballroom wedding it would have made sense. I do think I remember it having pockets though, which I think is an excellent trend in wedding gowns. I look forward to seeing the Watters Escalante on other brides on my favorite wedding blogs!

What did you think of the royal wedding? What about the criticisms you may have heard about Kate's (small) bouquet and their (short) kiss on the balcony at Buckingham Palace?

Oh and PS, I would be 100% thrilled if my wedding guests decided to go the British route and wear an assortment of fabulous hats and headpieces in October :)

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  1. Ask and you shall receive :) I was just thinking that we as Americans need to wear more hats and fascinators!


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