An Announcement

I'm here to interrupt the wedding recap posts for juuuust a moment. No worries, those will resume later today!

If you've visited here in the last day or so you may have noticed a few navigation/aesthetic changes. Those changes were in preparation to launch the new Clever Betty website:

That's right! Secretly behind the scenes, in all that time I've been away from the blog, I've been working on a new business plan. There's lots more to tell you about all that (like how I graduated with my Master's degree, and how I quit my day job!) but for the time being, I just wanted to announce the new logo, site, and shop.

Throughout the month of November I'll be adding the first line of products: printed fabric that's unique to the Clever Betty shop, DIY kits, sewing patterns, and of course, tons of handmade goodies.

On top of that, this blog is going to turn up the volume a bit as I add more regular sewing tutorials. This site has been a labor of love and a long time coming... but I've still got a lot of work to do. I'd be thrilled if you'd check it out, and come back often :)

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