Status Update 2.8.13

Did you know Craigslist has a grid view now? All I can say is, it's about time. #userinterfaceupgrade

Best part of working from home number 1,967:  there's nobody there to judge me for needing an afternoon dance break in my office to wake up a bit. #exceptformypets

Honestly had a discussion about the need for a dislike button on facebook with my husband. Who frequents facebook maybe twice per year. Some people apparently think if you don't "Like" something on facebook, you're essentially saying you DON'T like it. What!?! #whoreallycaaaares

If you need a pep talk, you should definitely watch the video below. I love it when kids come across as mini-adults, and this guy is quite animated. #ilovespacejam

I'm going to start cleaning out our basement this weekend as my February project. I'm so embarrassed at its current state I'm not even going to show you a photo... at least until it's done for comparison's sake. #treasurehunt

My cousin and one of my best friends are in a race to see who has their baby first this coming week... well, the moms-to-be don't know they're racing but it's killing me waiting to find out who comes when! #willtheybeboysorgirls

Not only am I always the youngest person by 50+ years in most stores if I go shopping during the workday, but I also managed to stand in line for the Dr. Scholl's Foot Mapping kiosk during the lunch hour today. #letsmovethislinealongbeforeIturn80too

Happy Friday, ya'll!

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