High Five for Friday

I know I keep switching things on you... but this one will be a simple change. Status update now = High Five for Friday. Simply because it's essentially the same thing I'm already doing. Plus I want to join in and link up with some other bloggers, namely, the creator of #H54F, From My Grey Desk. She's a Lauren too :)

So here we go, my five highs this week:

1. I love this pup. Even though she can be a bit senile in her old age (She's almost 15!) most of her odd habits are just plain cute in my mind. Including the fact that she can no longer back up, and thus, gets stuck when she randomly walks behind chairs. I find her napping like this in odd places all the time.

2. Working on my almost finished cut table to draft a pattern is soooo awesome. Especially when that pattern, plus a handmade version if you're not so into DIY, should be up and ready in the shop by the end of the weekend!

3. St. Louis Bread Co. is high on my list of faves, but even more so when they hand out free cupcakes as they're about to close. "We have to get rid of them or they'll get thrown away!" is music to my ears stomach.

4. This guy. Love him. It's especially nice when we attempt to do something together on a weeknight other than watch tv or cook dinner. This time it was a Kinect game checked out from the library. Unfortunately, kind of a bust (Harry Potter is better in movie and book form) but we still had fun!

5. Loving my botanical drawing class. I'm the youngest student by, oh, probably 30 years or so? But it's awesome to take a class where there's really no pressure. I have a ton of unfinished drawings, but there's flowers in my house every week, I get to talk to people during the day, and it never hurts to add a little more art to my life.

So high five, friends! What are the highlights from your week?

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