Birthday Wishes and A Shoutout to Mary

Yesterday was my brother's birthday. He's spent the last month in Australia and New Zealand, so I'm pretty sure he found some extravagant way to celebrate being 27- the lucky dog. Happy birthday, Mike!

Yesterday, I also failed to post what I'm about to post... I just ran out of time I guess! Anyway, over the weekend I was showing my mom the Home Companion Workshops that Mary Engelbreit is going to be hosting next April/May. I thought she might be interested, but I'm a little disappointed that it seems like the price does not include lodging or meals... and the price already seems pretty high. I'll have to contact my former coworkers from MEHC and see what the deal is.

While I was at Mary's site, a blog entry caught my eye. Uh oh... I had a little sinking feeling as I clicked on the link, and sure enough, it was a post about how Home Companion magazine will most likely never be brought back at this point. I spent 8 months working as a designer there, right out of college, and I have to say that I couldn't have been any luckier in getting the position. (not so lucky when the publisher unexpectedly dropped Mary's magazine) It was an awesome job! I had great coworkers, and the artists and homeowners in the articles I was designing provided constant inspiration. That magazine definitely brought out my urge to sew again, and the idea for Clever Betty was born out of all of that excitement. So I'm sad to see Mary posting such a blog entry, but in the end, she's right. Let go, move on, and savor the memories.

And hope that they'll figure out a way to continue the magazine content on the web! (anyone who knows me knows that was an extremely hard sentence for me to type... I've fought web design left and right, having such a passion for print) I think Craft magazine is the perfect model to base an online magazine off of. They closed their print version soon after MEHC closed, and it seems that they've continued to be successful with an online version. Check it out!

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