Holiday Cards

I've been trimming and writing letters inside these babies all week:

I had a great time picking out paper for this one.... shiny bronze envelopes, a very light blue shiny paper that's thicker than thick, printed with a laser printer. I had to feed the paper in one by one to get it to grab it's so thick! After I finished everything I started worrying about the post office having an issue with the color of the envelope, as well as the weight. These guys are heavy duty! I guess I'll find out if any of them come back to me...

Couldn't bring myself to stand in line for stamps this past weekend so I ordered them online for the first time. Hoping that 3 days is a charm for delivery, as I'd like to send out the cards before Christmas passes us by! My life outside of work currently consists of: exacto knife, kraft paper, ric-rac, felt, sewing machine and colored pencils... love it!

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