Let it be know that I love surprises. Of course, good surprises, but really, if you want to impress me, even with the tiniest little thing, make it a surprise, and I will inevitably be impressed with your thoughtfulness.

So this weekend, Sean and I finished decorating the Christmas tree by adding gold ribbon and ornaments. While most of the ornaments are from his childhood, (I haven't taken the time to steal any from my parents yet) he wanted to continue his family'a tradition of picking out a new ornament each year with me. I figured this meant we'd go to Target, peruse the offerings and make our purchase with the rest of the holiday shoppers.

But Sean knows me so well, and knows that I love a good surprise. He got on Etsy earlier this month and purchased these cute little guys:

(from UrbanPaisley, check it out)

After we were done putting up all of the other ornaments he said wait! We're not done yet and disappeared into the office, shutting the door behind him. He emerged a few minutes later with a cute little bag tied up with ribbon and gave it to me to unwrap. We then added our names and 2009 to the back in Sharpie and added them to the top of the tree, right next to each other.

Have I mentioned I love surprises?

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