A Sobering Occurance

By now I'm sure everyone has heard something about the devastating earthquake that happened in Haiti. Even after listening to a very detailed report on NPR, I found myself reading the NY Times alert that was sent to my inbox yesterday. I read the article posted on Yahoo's home page. I heard about it from my coworkers. I saw it on facebook. I read about it in blogs. I researched, and remembered how scared out of my skin I was when there was an earthquake in St. Louis in 2008. (a much, much smaller earthquake at that)

Whenever I am exposed in this many ways to such a horrific event, I can't help but think... what if that was me? What would I do if I couldn't contact my loved ones, didn't know where they were, or how to get to them? My heart goes out to those who have been affected. I feel a sense of pride for those that are doing everything they can to help, or are making plans to do so at this very moment. I've seen plenty of posts about donating money, which is obviously something they desperately need to recover, but I find myself itching to go there, to help, as I'm such a hands on person.


  1. I'm with you Lauren. My sister, although just a freshman in college, wants to become a doctor and work in Haiti in particular. Had it been a few years later, my family could have been one of the ones who don't know. I can hardly imagine what that must feel like.


  2. I can't imagine, Kaity... props to your sister for wanting to do something so admirable.


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