Toasty Toes

After having a pair of "sweater" boots for about 5 years now, I'm really in need of a new pair of winter boots that don't... leak. Kind of defeats the purpose, no? So of course, I scoured Etsy first.

Helllooooo snow bunny. I love the fur, I love the color, and the heel doesn't look too bad. (via Rocky Mountain Retro)

So the only issue so far is that, being about 5'10", I have much larger feet than most vintage boots will allow. Usually a size 10. I know people tended to be shorter back in the day, but I really have no idea whether a size 10 women's shoe even existed until the 1980's. I guess that can be a bonus for me, since I like the 80's style!

Someonepleasebuythesenow.  They look so cozy, and I'm loving the practical fabric used on all of these boots- no upkeep like suede when you get snow and salt all over the uppers. Still, too small. (via pistol bazaar)

Now these. These are a size 10 my friends. Sweet 80's style and fabric, tall. I just can't bring myself, now that I've found a pair in my size, to a. pay $10 for shipping. b. wear a 2.5" heel in the snow. and c. buy plum boots... isn't that backwards? I listed baby blue and red ones above. These are as close as possible to a neutral color, and I can't bring myself to do it. Unfortunately I suffer from horrible buyer's remorse. They're up for grabs (and a great sale price aside from the shipping!) (via happy day vintage)

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