Liberty of London, continued

My friend Anna kindly noted on my last post that Target would be releasing a line from Liberty of London today. Like the fabric nerd that I am, I made a trip this morning to check it all out. Unfortunately my Target was still in the process of putting the housewares out, but the clothing and accessories were already there. I don't know if it's the same way in every city, but in St. Louis you have to jump on the designer lines immediately, or your size is sure to be gone. You can view the whole line in all of it's patterned glory at

If I were in the market for a bicycle I'd definitely start with this one...

And the undies and menswear are so fun!

Though I tried on just about everything I walked away with only one dress (I know I said nothing until my birthday but I couldn't resist!)

And it's even in one of the patterns that I mentioned in my previous post :) FYI, be prepared to be extremely satisfied, as I had to try on everything two sizes smaller than I usually wear!

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