some days...

Some days...people like this inspire me.

Some days...people like that make me envious, make me wonder why can't I be so inventive and interesting. I wonder why I'm so lazy and my to do list keeps growing with nothing getting checked off.

Some days...I wish St. Louis had a better public transportation system so that I didn't have to own a car, and wouldn't get rear-ended by a lady on her cell phone with a dog in her lap. I'm already an anxious driver as it is. Ride with me after a car accident.

Some days...I am put into a situation where I realize that I've become more like the person I want to be. This time I got rear-ended, I didn't freak out and cuss up a storm. Or cry. Or be rude to the rear-ender. Last time, I did all of the above.

Some days...I get really excited about going to an event that could be really informative for my business. And then it ends up being a sales pitch for a $700, one-day class that has all the information I wanted to get out of the ($10) event, and I feel like I got tricked and wasted my time.

Some days...I go home and try on clothes I already own to see if I can make some new outfits, since I can't go to the mall and buy new stuff. And it's pretty fun, and distracting from such an eventful day.

Some days...Some days bring unexpected events, feelings, setbacks. And then some days end and I'm always grateful to start a new one all over again.

Top image via dress a day, bottom two via weheartit

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  1. Yikes - no way to start a day. Hope you're feeling okay post-bump! (She seriously had a dog on her lap? Geez. People are nuts.)


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