Resolutions in March

You remember my ten resolutions from the beginning of 2010. Recapped here for January and here for February. Well folks, I won't bore you with the details of it all, but I'm in the green for all ten at this point! I'd love to be on even better track with healthy food and play my guitar just a bit more, but now I'm just being nit picky.  I did learn how to read some music, though! And I'm juuuuust about done with The Happiness Project. A book in less than a month- that's a miracle for me! More to share about that later.

This is about how I'm feeling these days, thanks to success with the resolutions:


Though I've never had the desire to smoke. She just looks badass. Since I'm over sharing the mile-long essay updates I did for the past two months,  I leave you with this to ponder:

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