Revisiting My Resolutions

So it's been about a month since I initially posted my resolutions for 2010, and I thought it would be a good idea to do a monthly update for myself to keep track of how I'm doing. Especially since I had such a long list... here we go!

1. Eat healthier. I've had my ups and downs... this definitely needs improvement, but my last few grocery trips have included a lot more produce, so it's a start.

2. Stick to my workout schedule. Epic fail. The past few weeks I've totally skipped training for the 5k... which I know is not going to help me get in shape by the end of March by any means. Learning to balance my sewing time with my running time.

3. Continue saving 25% of my net income. Success! Those automatic payments to my savings account are a great idea; I know it will automatically come out a week after I get paid.

4. Tell important people in my life that I love and appreciate them. Success! That could have something to do with the good mood I'm usually in these days, and I like it. Continuing to grow on this one.

5. Become a better thrift shopper. I've done this mostly for CB at this point, as I've promised myself not to buy any clothes until my birthday. I did, however, go "shopping" at my old roommate's house last week, where I claimed a number of pairs of shoes (many of which I used to borrow when we were in college!) Thanks for the freebies, Em.

6. Stay organized and clean. Pass/Fail. I've been better about picking things up and organizing my desk, but I'm still working on the dishes in the sink. Two years without a dishwasher after having had one your whole life will do that to you, I suppose.

7. Limit the amount of time I spend on the computer when at home. Well, I guess I can say I'm alright in this area, but I'm realizing that Etsy does take some time and since it's a website, I kind of need to be on my computer. I am happy though that when I come home, Etsy is really all that I check on the computer, as opposed to facebook and blogs and such.

8. Read more for fun. Ehhhh.... still haven't finished that book from August. But my mom did purchase the Lizzy House textiles book for me, so I plan on working on that one very, very soon.

9. Take more time to enjoy life and better myself. This has been hard to do while trying to open my shop at the same time, but I did purchase a guitar book, and Sean taught me how to play a scale. I have two classes scheduled in the next month for Illustrator, so that's covered! I'll probably have to visit the animal shelter later in the year... I think I might enjoy it more when it's warmer anyway.

10. Open the Clever Betty shop. SUCCESS!!! Now moving on, I must sell some stuff :)

I'm feeling pretty good at this point with only 1/10 a straight up fail, and most of the rest in flux. It is only the second month of the year!

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