Because I Like Even Numbers

I'm fairly certain that 2010 is going to be a great year. So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and write a real new year's resolution post. What better place to record your resolutions so you can look back at them (hopefully to never be lost, knock on wood) than a blog? This is a long list, as I like to dream big. Here it goes:

1. Starting with the cliche, I'm going to eat healthier in 2010. Last year Sean and I made a vow to not eat fast food, and while that worked (for the most part) we really didn't make much of an effort to eat healthy at home. The plan is to make fruits and veggies a bigger portion of each meal, lay off the carbs a bit. and actually cook meals.

2. Also cliche, I plan on sticking to my workout schedule. We've remedied the "I don't feel like going to the gym" situation by purchasing a treadmill (at a great deal!) instead of renewing our gym memberships in February. Same price, even more convenient. There's also weights, a pull-up bar, exercise ball, ab roller, and P90X videos involved, so the home gym is well on its way. We're training for the Undy 5000 again this year, and I hope to keep up at least half of the amount of running after the race, and continue going to pilates once a week.

3. Continue saving 25% of my net income. This has been a challenge since I started doing it last year, but I know that there are going to be a lot of major purchases in the next few years and I want to be prepared. Having been laid of in 2008, I definitely felt the "but I don't have any money!" freak out when I got the news- and that's one of the things that prompted me to start saving more.

4. I really want to make sure that I tell important people in my life that I love and appreciate them. Something I've always tried to do, whether subtly or direct, but it is so very easy to accidentally let it slide when my life gets busy. Without my friends and family though, I would not have the wonderful life that I do! I plan on making this a priority in 2010.

5. Become a better thrift shopper. And buy less stuff in general. I started the year off by organizing my entire apartment and weeding out things I haven't used in the past two years that I've lived there. If I need an outfit that I just can't put together from the things I already have in my closet, I plan to hit up the local thrift and consignment stores before heading to H&M. I want to be less reliant on material goods, and use the things that I already have or can find for free to recycle when I am making gifts, decorating or coming up with a costume.

6. Speaking of cleaning my apartment, I really want to stay organized and clean this year. This means compiling my lists in one place, recycling junk mail when I get it and doing my dishes right after each meal so they don't pile up (I don't have a dishwasher!)

7. I need to limit the amount of time I spend on my computer when I'm at home. Granted, I'll have to spend some to get the shop going, but I already sit at a computer for 8 hours a day, and my time at home can be much better spent by doing #'s 1, 2, 4, 6 (and upcoming #'s!) I mean really, I don't actually even care about seeing who has updated their facebook status or blog in the past five minutes, but it's become such a habit to check my regulars so frequently, that I have to put an end to it before it gets out of control. Those updates will still be there tomorrow!

8. I used to speed through books before I started college, sometimes more than one or two in a week. Currently I'm still working on a book that I think I started back in August. I don't expect to be back to multiples per week with all of the other things going on these days, but I'm not in college anymore (not since 2007!) and I don't have to read textbooks now- so I want to read more for fun in 2010.

9. This is a big one, so I guess I can sum it all up by saying I will take more time to enjoy life and better myself. The ways that I plan on doing this are to volunteer for an animal shelter, take a class (art maybe? or perhaps I can convince Sean to finally go take some dancing lessons,) learn to play the guitar I got for Christmas, and continue learning new sewing techniques for the benefit of my business and my personal wardrobe.

And finally...

10. Open the Clever Betty shop! I plan on doing so by the end of this month, so look forward to a grand opening post. I also would like to set a goal for the shop to be out of the red by mid 2010.

So there we go, folks... my top 10 in 2010. I plan on looking back at this post quite a bit throughout the year to remind myself.

Oh! And, I'd like to set a resolution for you. Become a more active reader.  Join me in my discussions and leave a comment here and there! I know you're out there reading- I use Google Analytics- so let me know you're interested in what I'm writing. Or tell me what you'd like to hear- I'm very open to suggestions.

Upcoming posts include a studio tour, recapping Sean's anniversary gift, inspiring music, and progress with the CB shop!

What are you resolving to do in 2010?

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  1. great goals!!! hope you do well with them
    so glad you came for a visit!! a purple purse sounds so cute. i can't believe how long it took me to actually get one of those bags. i always seemed to look right after they would be sold out! :)


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