Christmas Loot

As if all the family and gatherings weren't enough (and they were, I had such a great time this weekend!) I also got away with quite the pile of gifts. I'd like to share a couple with you!

1. My wonderful loving so so giving boyfriend got me a lefty guitar!

I'm so stinkin' excited to start learning to play. I've tried quite a few times on his guitar, and even though he's also left handed, he plays a righty guitar. I've never been able to move my fingers the right way, and just gave up completely... that is, until this baby showed up under the Christmas tree!

2. My parents got me a dressform!

Also quite excited to use this. I'm going to start with a dress for our New Year's/Sean's turning 30 celebration. Sooooo grateful to have the week off from work so I can play!

And finally, 3. Someone (read, that wonderful loving so so giving boyfriend I was talking about above) took a little peek at my blog and passed along a photo to his parents. Remember this entry? Well folks, I've officially started a Pyrex collection! Not only did Sean's parents give me 4 pieces with a variety of uses, one of them had been a wedding gift to them back in '72! It just so happened that one of the pieces they found at a resale shop struck a memory, and upon searching the "we never use this stuff" cabinet at home, they found a matching serving dish with a carrying handle (see image, middle shelf, far right at the very bottom of the stack)

I really do have some fabulous people in my life... and that has been the greatest gift of all. What did you get for Christmas?

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