The Calm Before the Storm...

Today is seriously lackluster. I'm working on a publication, and totally realizing that I miss using InDesign (gasp!) on a regular basis. Turns out those 8 months at MEHC before the big crash/bang did teach me quite a bit... I just didn't realize exactly how much until I had to go back to designing like that! I've been using Illustrator for the most part since then, which is definitely my fave, but I just know InDesign so very well. Let's just not talk about Photoshop, mmmkay?

Aside from the publication, I've been sitting here all day going well I'm on a good streak with blogging every weekday, don't lose it now! I just couldn't come up with much that was interesting to say since I was so in to the publication. That is, until I read this post and my heart skipped a beat or two. PYREX!!!

I have a serious obsession and a non-existent collection. Both of which I plan to work on. I did inherit a set of mixing bowls that are a nice 70's gold color from my mom (and when I say inherit I mean begged, stating this single fact: she has a KitchenAid mixer now and never uses the bowls...score!)

Now I'm not just talking any Pyrex. I definitely mean vintage. and judging by the post above, Claire of myfavouritedress has quite the ideal collection if I do say so myself. I mean really, if you're going to collect something, it might as well be functional, right? As opposed to baskets and shelves full of beanie babies from Hallmark? (guilty, I was in elementary school and that's my only excuse) I can think of a million things to do with a Pyrex collection... I'm telling you, millions.

So there we go folks, turning my lackluster day into a blog post full of collectible excitement. I'll be doing the holiday thing starting tomorrow (which means I won't be sitting in front of a computer all day to contemplate what to blog about.) First, it's helping hand out free Thanksgiving meals to those in need at an elementary school in WashMo. Then, to the bf's parents' house, a little Black Friday shopping, to the 'burg to eat again with my parents, back to the St. Louis metro for the bf's other family Thanksgiving... and by then I'll be the stuffed turkey, unfortunately being shoved into the oven-that-is-work on Monday. Happy Thanksgiving!

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