My New Year's Resolution:

lay off the scissors.

I spent the entirety of the day learning how to use my new dress form, so very excited to make myself a dress for the big New Year's/Sean is 30 celebration tomorrow night. And then I decided to do some alterations to the pattern, and it all went downhill from there.

 Seriously, I know most of the people on Project Runway have had much more training than I have, but it reaaaaallly takes talent to do what they do in the time that they have.

So here's the deal. This part is the bodice. Looking good... until I decided to change up the skirt a bit and ended up cutting too much off of the seam, leaving too little fabric to cover my entire behind. Whoops. Of course, I already bought all the fabric that Joann had in this particular style/color, so the chances of me finishing this dress by tomorrow are 100% none. Perhaps this will make a lovely dress for a wedding in the future? Next New Year's Eve? Just not tomorrow. So I guess the real resolution here can be to slow down; maybe I can save myself the heart attack then.

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