Sunday Snapshot :: 1

I want to make sure that I'm sharing more of my personal photos with you on this blog! So enter column #2: The Sunday Snapshot. Look forward to finding images here of the things I usually talk about, say I'll add pictures of later, and then never do :) I'll catch up with all of those promises eventually!


Nelson got a haircut last Wednesday... believe it or not, these clippers actually work pretty well on cat fur. Now, I seem to have a human for a cat, so good luck if you give this a try. I know Greta won't be caught fifty feet from anything that makes noise, and she's a little bit more like most cats I know.


  1. Oooh, before & after pics pleeeeze. Is Nelson rocking a mohawk? ;-)

  2. Ha, well he might be now that you gave me the idea...! No, I just trimmed the long stuff in hopes that he won't get so much fur on my furniture. Unfortunately Greta's the big shedder...

  3. love your blog! got a new follower out of me!



  4. What a good cat...I'm very impressed he didn't claw you do death :)

  5. such a good kitty!


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