I've had a chance to brainstorm some ideas lately for new bag designs and ways to get CB out there. This has made me decide that I need to be more organized about this whole blog thing. I've started scheduling posts, but I want to add more interesting content. (Turns out I do actually get sick of talking about myself sometimes :)

Remember my issues with the Etsy forums that I mentioned here? Well, I'd like to turn that into a positive thing. The thing is, I have a hard time staying away from the forums, even after such an event. And while it's not exactly helping me gain customers, I do really enjoy helping other sellers figure out the site and come up with business solutions. It's nice to have a community of people that are doing the same thing I am- regardless of whether some of the are total meanies or not.

So here's the solution, folks. Every Friday, I'm going to feature an Etsy seller that I've met in the forums.  It's Found in the Forums Friday!

Today, things are a bit different with our first seller. She actually found me in the forums after I posted on a seller's question about sending graphic design files to customers. Turns out, she's also from St. Louis, and after clicking on my shop, she sent me a kind note to say hello and point out our common interests and careers. It's crazy how you can run into someone in such a huge place (the internet) and find out that they're much closer than you had ever imagined! Without further ado, I'd like to introduce you all to Jess from Magpie Paperworks.

The first thing I noticed about Jess's shop was her logo. I melted. It's gorgeous! It's one of those give-me-more-right-now kind of logos. (this might not make sense if you're not a designer...but just trust me. It's good.)

Jess says, "it was a team effort between myself & a lovely, uber-talented illustrator in Southern California, Brigette Barrager. Brigette brought the sweet magpie to life & I created the flourished border and set the off-register type. I spent months designing and tweaking the logo -- working for yourself is truly the hardest thing! It was important to me to have a logo that really expressed the Magpie Paper Works brand - a little bit vintage with a whimsical, modern twist."

So onto Jess' work. She has a little bit of a background as a photographer, which obviously shows in her Etsy shop. In the photo above, you can see the Faux Bois Orchard invitation suite.  

"I created all of my suites for brides who may be dreaming about bespoke invitations but feel that custom work is out of their budget. Each pre-designed set features original concepts & illustrations as well as unusual high-end papers that I source directly from the manufacturer. The invites can be personalized with the bride and groom's details but because they are pre-designed, there are no custom fees involved. Cute and affordable!" Below is the Fiesta invitation suite.

 I really love every aspect of Jess' work- the typography is phenomenal, her color choices make sense and the presentation is to die for. She's even inventive with the copy! I'd definitely recommend her to any bride who is in the planning process right now. Not only does she do amazing work, but she's quite personable; our Etsy convos have become something that I look forward to seeing in my inbox.

But the good news doesn't stop there. Jess also sells a number of giclee art prints. Her clever sense of humor shines through in these lovely 8x10 works of art.

I hope you'll visit her shop to see the rest of what Magpie Paperworks offers. You can also follow her blog for Magpie updates (another very sexy design if you ask me!) Thanks, Jess, for being the very first seller featured in Found in the Forums Friday!

Check back during the next week for two more new columns, and a surprise for the shop!

all images via the Magpie Paperworks shop and blog

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