Things I've Learned This Week

1. Don't expect to get people in the Etsy forums to have a civil conversation about not biting the hand that feeds you. (eg, "Etsy SUCKS!" because they're making changes to improve the site. "You're messing with my sole source of income!") My argument was this: Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Your business is your responsibility- if something isn't working the way you want, come up with new ideas so that it does! People are cruel when it comes to internet chat- to the point where they start berating you as a seller and as a person. Lesson learned: stay away from the forums unless I have a question; it's not gaining me any business to be there anyway.

2. Department store makeup is most definitely not always better. I've started using a new round of acne meds recently, which means my latest makeup routine no longer works the same way. So I tried multiple brands at Sephora. I tried Macy's. I tried Laura Mercier at Nordstrom. Mostly because I'd heard good things about all of them, on, you guessed it, the internet. Good thing those places give out samples, or I'd have spent a fortune on all of the different stuff that failed. I've found my miracle makeup at none other than Target, folks. Revlon Color Stay. Good stuff, especially for oily skin. Under $10. Problem solved.

3. Even if people are in PR positions, it doesn't mean they've got it together. You would think that a "middleman" would know that you have to give your designer all of the photos and all of the logos necessary for a concert poster UP FRONT. But they don't. And they could care less about all of the time you spent (wasted) making two rounds of posters before they eventually provided said photos and logos.

4. The Dreaded Killer Jellyfish of Graphic Design Favors has powers much like Richard from LOST. No one knows how... but it will never age, and can never die.

5. Cats are actually smart enough to know that they can't jump from a second story balcony. And they're much happier now that they get to enjoy the outdoors a bit, after 2 and a half years of being cooped up inside a tiny city apartment.

6. I eat way to many carbs. In fact, I really wouldn't doubt that it's close to 90% of my diet. This was fine when I was a teenager and swam 20 + miles a week, but now that I've been sitting on my butt at a desk for years, it's about time I switched that up a bit so I can have a bit of energy left when I get home from work to continue working on work that I want to do!

7. The stuff that falls off sweet gum trees really hurts when you're wearing sandals and you get one stuck in the arch of your foot. Really.

8. I know now, thanks to Anna, that places like this exist, and they exist in small towns. And they are very inspiring.

9. Giggling at girl's night can make a long day ahead and a million important decisions seem so much less daunting. It's great to go out to events sometimes, but my favorite Wednesdays are the ones where we sit on the couch and just chat.

10. I really need to schedule blog entries, so that I don't get to Friday and realize I haven't been doing what I said I was going to do (blog more regularly!) Or forget the fun things I'm going to share. Or contradict myself when I say that I'm "organized."

I'm off to celebrate a good friend's graduation from ultrasound school tonight, and will hopefully get to visit that shop mentioned above tomorrow while I'm there! Also looking forward to Easter Sunday brunch in WashMo...

Happy Friday!


  1. #5 -- Maybe it's time I let my cats on the balcony. I've been so nervous, even though I'm on the third floor.

    #6 -- I do too. Carbs are just so yummy. But I found if I eat them earlier in the day, I'm less likely to consume tons at night.

    #10 -- I just started scheduling my posts this past week and it's been fantastic. I totally recommend it.

    Have an awesome weekend, my dear!

  2. Thanks for the carb advice, Brandi... I'll have to try it out! Starting scheduling this week. Why wouldn't we have thought of doing this earlier- since we're both so into being organized???

  3. Ummm, I love all of this post. I learned some and laughed some. I also eat too many carbs (especially on travel as a vegetarian) so I feel you on that one. Good luck! & I really need to start scheduling blog posts because when I travel for work they are often very fail.

    Hope you had a great Easter!

    x, ash

  4. Ohhhh remember when it was ok to eat peanut butter and sprinkled sugar all over our waffles, Ash?

    Now those were the days.


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