Things I Learned Last Week Edit

I forgot to mention in #1 that although many people in internet forums can be cruel to the point where they start berating you as a seller and as a person, others choose to show their kindness and agreement through private conversations. The thread I posted about not biting the hand that feeds you received over 550 posts before it was shut down, and it strayed into a few different conversations throughout the day. But I also received 10+ private messages from sellers who read the thread, agreed with me in one way or another, and were very kind with their words. Sammis2shoes was one of those people, and she has recently posted about CB over on her blog- check it out!

Thanks to Sam for being able to have a rational conversation, and for featuring CB on her lovely blog, Eda Doreen.

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  1. I don't know how I missed that thread. Man, the Etsy forums can be so brutal. It's always shocking to me how people go from 0 - 120 so quickly on the internet...I hate it that people got out of hand in your thread.


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