Crocs are Cute.

Wait. What? Yeah, I'm talking about the shoes, not the animal. Never thought I'd hear myself say it... but they are. Crocs. Are. Cute. Here's my evidence:

See? AND they have super cushy support inside... so they're actually supposed to be comfortable cute shoes. What the what?

At 99 bucks a pop, most of these are out of my price range for an average shoe shopping spree...

But I can definitely see many of these being good investments, especially with the comfort factor.

Yesterday I walked by an entire Crocs store at the mall that I never knew existed (or refused to acknowledge, perhaps) and when I got home I got interested. Next time I think I'll suck up my "I can't ever be seen wearing Crocs" pride and just walk in to the store. Of course, I'm not the only one who has discovered these gems... Just this morning I read a post from a blogger who actually owns them. If you've never been to visit Princess Lasertron, I suggest you check it out.

Crocs are cute. Who would have ever thought...

all images via Crocs

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