Clever Betty on Camera

On channel 11 news...

Please disregard the funk that is going on with my voice in this video... and the awkwardness of the question that Christine asked me when it was meant for Autumn :) This was a pretty stressful situation for me, especially since the segment came together about 2 minutes before we were actually on air. But for a mere 3 minutes, it all worked out. Thanks to my friend Becky for the KPLR feature! I definitely have a new level of respect after seeing what she does on a daily basis in the control room.

The last time I was interviewed for something on camera was the day I moved into the dorms at Mizzou. I was sweaty and already nervous to meet so many new people, and the newscaster wanted to know about my experience thus far as a freshman in the newest dorm on campus. You know, all five minutes of it. I totally froze, gave some ridiculously lame answer, and never made it on the air. Thank goodness it wasn't live. I do think that my mom or dad made the cut, however.

I'd totally show you a picture of that day, but no one had Facebook at the time for me to steal one from for today's post. Let me paint you a picture: bright pink tank top from Victoria's Secret that had a sheer lace inlay on the front. (which required another tank top underneath to make it not so sheer...) White shorts with coin pockets, but no back pockets. Wannabe Dr. Scholl's sandals that were really foam, but I got a lot of "Man aren't those uncomfortable" comments because they looked like wood. One of the shortest haircuts I've ever had, based off of a haircut that Julia Stiles sported on the cover of a magazine because someone told me I looked like her once. The cut looked a lot better on her.

More posts to come... the elusive engagement pop up book... more Strange Folk coverage... color scheme overload... an anniversary outing...

Oh and, I bought my wedding dress. And you won't see it for another year and three weeks, at least :) Just thought you'd want to know!

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