Oh October. How I love you so.

It's the month of the most ideal weather here in Missouri. Perfect for being outdoors in cozy clothes and boots with a warm drink and a hand to hold.

It's the month with birthdays of some of my very favorite people.

It's the month I met Sean, and the month we'll get married next year.

It's the month full of pumpkin flavored foods... muffins... frappuccinos... pancakes at Ihop... pie...

It's the month of one of my favorite holidays.

It's the month of Oktoberfest in Hermann, MO, where wine, bratwurst, and German dancing are plentiful.

It's the month of Mizzou's homecoming, apple picking, and anticipation of the upcoming holiday season. To me it's the most beautiful month, full of colorful leaves to rake and play in.

Happy October, friends!

(consequently, I just remembered that October is also the month that my favorite job ended, on this very day... but I guess then I can say October is the month that is full of memories as well!)

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  1. October is the month I enter my closet with a 5 gallon bucket of cream cheese & a blanket for hibernation. :-)


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