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That I'm a totally horrible blogger and missed You Had Me At Handmade's birthday? Back in AUGUST. August 9th, in fact. Whoopsiesssss... my deepest apologies, YHMAH. In my defense, I really didn't blog often enough for the first few months anyway to actually remember that I started it in August. Nor did I blog at all for the month of August in 2010 so...

In celebration of said blog birthday, I'd like to take you on a little linky link flashback.

Sean and I celebrated our first anniversary.

My coworker Ashlee got married, and I made her a pretty little purse for her big day.

I got some crazy awesome Christmas presents.

I unsuccessfully tried to use one of those Christmas presents to make a New Year's Eve dress.

I made a loooooong list of goals for 2010.

We said goodbye to one of the best tv shows in the history of tv.

I opened the Clever Betty Shop!

I learned some lessons from a rough day.

I started a few columns, all of which I've put on hold to rethink what this blog needs to be for me. But in the process, I met a good web buddy.

I did my first craft show.

We had a furry visitor for a month over the summer.

We got engaged.

I did a totally awesome custom order for a bridal party.

I was gifted a much coveted madebyhank shoulder bag.

My wedding dress has been ordered!

Clever Betty was on tv.

All that in just over a year... are you caught up yet?

BTW, though that isn't me in the pic above, I can definitely do that and I never knew I could. Huh.

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  1. I can comment again!! Thanks for fixing it. :)


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