Oh hello, unexpected package at my door

Have you ever come home to find a package at your door and thought, "Did I order something?"

And then read the label and thought, "Well I've ordered from this store before... perhaps they had a fluke computer system issue and sent it to me by mistake."

And then proceeded to open said package and found a gift wrapped with vintage lace and your name written on a tag?

And then, tearing up, found that your lovely aunt had instructed the store to put a note inside that said, "Congratulations on your engagement!"

And also a note from the seller herself saying thank you for promoting her shop?

I have. And it was awesome. So here I am promoting madebyhank yet again. And sending a very warm thank you to my Aunt Karen for sending such a thoughtful gift (and clearly, for reading my blog and staking out the madebyhank shop in order to purchase such a thing!)

All images via madebyhank


  1. That is a beautiful purse! What a great suprise!

  2. I love that bag! & what a great gift :)

  3. Isn't it a pretty bag? I just loved it and am so happy that you do too. So perfect for a beautiful bride-to-be!
    With lots of love and happiness always.... Enjoy !

  4. What an adorable engagement gift idea! Cheers!


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