For Ashlee

On a recent trip to Target for some office supplies (yeah right...) my coworker Ashlee noticed the wallet that I had made for myself as I pulled out the company card to pay. An omgthatssocutewheredyougetit!!! conversation followed. I made it! I exclaimed. And the rest is history.

Ashlee is getting married this coming Saturday, and although it was too late to ask for handmade gifts for her bridesmaids, there was plenty of time for me to make a clutch for the bride on her special day.

The beginnings of a wedding clutch!

I finished it up yesterday and wrapped it with tissue paper, hemp and a letterpress card I collected from one of many lovely raffles held at MEHC (RIP).

And I know Ashlee would kill me if I posted her image all over the internets, as she had been up past 3 am working on her reception seating chart... but I had to show it to scale, so headless model it is. (+ugly laserjet printer in the bg, I swear I'll take better pics when I post in my shop!)

I didn't get a picture, so I'm hoping Ashlee will at some point on her special night, but I embroidered their wedding date on a little strip of this fabric on the inside of the clutch. Love little details!

Congratulations Ashlee and Justin!

P.S. The "Ashlee" bag will be available, in slight variations, in my shop starting in January.


  1. Lauren, happened to see you had a blog and thank you for NOT posting my beat (hot mess) picture for the world to see. haha Love this bag and got so many compliments on it! :) AWESOME job.

  2. You found me! And I figured you'd appreciate being headless just this once. :)


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