Asking my girls

Many brides already have friends in mind that they want to stand beside them on their wedding day. I did too, but what I didn't have narrowed down was how to ask them. I'm much too crafty to just pick up the phone, so my idea went through a few different gifts to give them before I finally landed on these:

You may have seen the vintage hankie invitation across the blogging world in the past couple of years. (I'm completely in love with all of Bird and Banner's design ideas, btw) I knew I wouldn't be able to afford to purchase enough and get them silkscreened as invitations for our wedding, so I opted to use hankie idea to ask my bridesmaids to be a part of my wedding day. 

I chose the iron-on route from the weddingchicks link above, as I don't currently have access to screen printing equipment. I wrote them each a little sentence telling what I love about each of them and said, "I can't imagine my wedding day without you standing by my side." And then of course, the question!

I packaged them up all pretty with vintage lace, a tag with their initial, and a little charm from an earlier idea that I had to ask them with that failed! and mailed them to my girls. Now, they do all live in the same city as I do, but I always love receiving unexpected packages in the mail, so I thought it would be a nice touch.

One by one, I got phone calls from all four girls the day after I mailed them, all saying YES! I'm so excited to share my day with each of these girls, and from the sound of the phone calls, they are too!


  1. That is such an adorable idea! You are so thoughtful :)

  2. Lauren, Wow what a wonderful idea! Your friends must have felt so special.


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