October Date Weekend

That's right. I said weekend, not just night. This time around Sean and I were celebrating our two year anniversary, so we decided to take the money left over from a recent yard sale to do a stay-cation of sorts in a nearby town. It's actually in the same area where our wedding will be held, and close to lots of wineries and plenty of bike trail.

First of all, we stayed in the most amazing bed and breakfast ever. Not that I've ever been to a b + b before, but seriously, I can't imagine topping this.

This room was huge. The bed was king sized with so much room to spare... and before I forget, the sheets on that bed were like no other sheets I've ever laid on in my life. I don't even know which cheesy simile to use to describe them... butter? clouds? Better. Better than both of those, and more.

Moving on, there were two cute rocking chairs facing the "fireplace," and I say "fireplace" because it looked like one and glowed like one but it really just blew hot air. I was fine with that; you could adjust the temperature down to the degree with a remote, so it was really convenient for spending maximum time in those sheets.

Our room was actually a private building that used to be a chapel on the b + b's property, so it had really high ceilings. I can't believe we never got a picture of the outside, but you can at least see the front of the main house here. The photos on their site just don't do the whole place justice.

Between the sheets and the jacuzzi tub, I definitely got some lounge time in. I had to include the phone photo because it was just too cute... it matched all the details in the room and I haven't seen a rotary phone in quite some time.

They have acres and acres of land, fruit trees, beehives, a bamboo forest, and this little tour guide:

That's Lucy. Actually, she's a pretty big tour guide... she's a giant schnauzer. She's about the size of a golden retriever. I never knew such a breed existed, but she was such a well behaved dog, and now I want one. I'm fairly sure that Lucy is one of those animals that is really a person stuck in a pet's body because someone put a spell on them (Sabrina the Teenage Witch, anyone?) because she was definitely the smartest dog I've ever met. Below is part of the backyard and one of their hammocks.

I didn't get any pictures of the food, but the owner makes dessert every night and leaves enough portions out for every guest... we had blackberry tart made from fruit they grew on their own land. Breakfast was amazing too, and we met some interesting people who were staying in the main house.

Other activities for the weekend included a 14 mile bike ride from Dutzow to Augusta and back, and plenty of eating and drinking. We had lunch at Augusta Brewery, (below) drank wine at Montelle (bottom) and brought dinner from Balducci back to our room.

It's safe to say this was the perfect little getaway for our second anniversary.

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  1. how fun! i'm a huge fan of bed and breakfast, i've always had fun when staying at them.

    sounds so amazing :)


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