The month I disappeared... part three

 My good friend Anna turned 30.

She had a party at the house she recently bought with her fiance. We ate Little Caesar's pizza, lots of Cheetos,  plenty of cake and played yard games. We all love theme parties, so she chose a "glory days" sort of theme, and took us back to when we were all carefree college kids.

(Becky also went to Mizzou but she forgot to wear her team colors)  

In the spirit of the theme, Anna made jello shots as well. I think she said it was the first time she ever made them :)

Now I said we played lawn games... but I didn't mention that we played them indoors. Lucky Anna, having an August birthday, had 90+ degree weather for her party, on top of the lovely Missouri humidity. We made it work, though. This is half of the gift that Crista, Becky and I made for her. Yes made... we got some cornhole boards from a a local seller and then painted the logos of Anna's alma mater (SIUC) and her fiance's (SMS) on each board.


  1. I love love love this series! (And that corn hole board, lol.)

  2. Thanks for the feature, Clever Betty! I'm so blessed to have such talented and kind friends to make me the bags/cornhole game...but unlucky with an August b-day!

    p.s.You get married a year from today!!!

  3. How fun that you made that gift for her! Looks like a great month spent away from blogging!


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