Clever Betty at Strange Folk

Well there was definitely more to August than my "month I disappeared" posts included, but I thought you'd at least want a little taste. Truth is, I'm really bad at remembering to take photos of my experiences! I'm glad I got you a bit caught up though :)

Moving on to more recent events, I thought you might want to see my booth from the Strange Folk Festival that happened at the end of September.

I hand painted this sign the night before the show. It's not exactly how I wanted it to turn out, but it turned out pretty cute in the end.

The big picture... there were a ton of vendors and even more shoppers. Some of us lucky vendors had spots underneath a pavilion, so when it was rainy and cold on the second day of the show, we were sheltered :)

All done setting up! I reused a lot of the stuff Sean and I came up with for my last craft show, even though it was a smaller space. I think it turned out well!

Thank you to those of you who were able to make it to the show :)


  1. That hand-lettering is ridiculously amazing!!! Whimsical, girly, with a little sass. I'm sooooo excited to see what you whip up for wedding invites & ephemera!!!

  2. Someday I'm going to come to a craft show you are at because I want to see your booth in person! (& i want to shop)

    Why again were you the business manager on yearbook? oh, because I was an idiot editor.


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