September Date Night

For our September date night, Sean and I went to the annual Ballon Glow in Forest Park. I'd never been before, but I found out that it's a pretty amazing event and tons of people show up with their families, dogs and picnics to see it all go down. We brought a couple of sandwiches and sat in the grass before sunset, and then headed up to roam around the balloons.

We have no idea who this family is but I just wanted to show off what an awesome photographer Sean is. He was trying to capture the light on these balloons without being totally creepy... good thing we were at least 50 yards away from these people at the time :)

So basically, a bunch of hot air balloon teams set up their stuff in the park right next to each other, and every five to ten minutes a horn goes off to signal to light 'em up. The lady above was the only one that we saw by herself in her balloon, and they kept having to rearrange the basket so she wouldn't float away. (Everyone was tied down, but the more weight in the basket the better)

This was a great event to bring kids to- the roar of the flames every five to ten minutes was followed by a collective, "wooooooooahhhhh!" by everyone under the age of 12. I found that quite amusing. Most of the teams would even let kids jump into the basket.

This was one of my favorites. No advertisements, no funky shape, just a regular old hot air balloon with pretty colors and a nice design.

All in all, this was a great event for September's date night!

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  1. that sounds like an awesome event to check out! what a great date night. i hope when i have date nights in my life we do events like this.



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