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I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend! I have photos to share from mine later this week, as well as that yellow vintage dress I talked about last week, but for now, I'd like to share a little love for all the folks out there in cyberland who are hard at work promoting all the little guys like Clever Betty:

Papernstitch daily faves 11/27... I neglected to get a screenshot, but my mustard ruffled headband was on the front page of Papernstitch for the entire day

Oh, Hello, Friend  did a post about 50% off Black Friday sales and included my floral clutch

The Apron Thief wrote a post about some lovely Cyber Monday sales this morning, and included my shop!

A number of Etsy sellers have featured my shop in Treasuries over the past few days as well, and they are all quite beautiful!

Thanks to Brittni, Danni, Wren and all of the Etsy Treasury-makers for including my shop in their posts. Don't forget- the Clever Betty 50% off sale is still in full swing right now! (and a little birdie told me that Cyber Monday brings free shipping to everyone who places an order until 11:59pm central standard time... so check it out)

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