A Never Ending Sea of Dresses

Maybe it's all the wedding dress shopping I did a few months back. Maybe it's all the dresses I've been trying on for a couple of weddings that we're attending in upcoming months. Maybe it's watching my mom try on dresses for our wedding. Or helping my bridesmaids find dresses. All of the above seem to be wedding related, but it's carrying over to my everyday wardrobe... Whatever it is... I've become slightly obsessed with dresses as of late.

They're easy to wear. One piece! All you need to do is accessorize.

They're great if you're losing weight... at least the dress will still stay on even though it's too big, as opposed to jeans that you're now a size or two too small for (this doesn't describe me at all, just looking for the positive side!)

They can cover multiple seasons. Add a cardigan and some tights and you're set for Winter! Leave the heavy layers behind and you're ready for Spring!

There's a dress at a local antique store that I drool over every time I go in. We're talking for about two years now, this dress has been in the same spot, making me drool. So yesterday I went in to drool over it again, and found that it was marked down from $55 to $27.50. Now for some reason when I buy vintage clothes I expect them to be less money than new clothes rather than more, and I had just gone on a bit of a Christmas gift shopping spree, so I sighed and put it back on the rack. It just wasn't quite cheap enough yet.

I swear to you- this next part is like an absolute dream. As I turned to leave the dress behind once again, a woman appeared, seemingly out of thin air, and slowly floated toward me. I stopped in my tracks, mesmerized by the look on her face, and she whispered to me, "You can have that dress for half off if you'd like." Imagine her hair swirling in the breeze, birds and butterflies playfully fluttering by and soft music coming from an unknown source, will you? And then came a HALLELUJAH! with accompanying organ music, and I was back to the dress in .0003 seconds to snatch it up, thank the woman profusely and be on my way to the register.

TWO YEARS people. TWO YEARS I have been lusting after this dress, and I finally got it, for $13.75 plus tax. It just needs a little adjustment in the shoulders to fit me and it'll be good to go. I didn't get a chance to take a photo last evening but I'll share it with you asap! I'll just say, it's a yellow summery tank dress with organza at the shoulders and hem and white and green floral appliqued accents at the bust and again at the hem. Very 50's. Can't wait to wear it!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I'll be back later this week.

All images of dresses found at modcloth and anthropologie

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