Weekend in Review

This past weekend was full of fun and family, celebrations and excitement. First of all, we went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One. And just as I predicted, it was awesooooome! Waiting for Part Two is going to be hard, but also bittersweet, as it's the last of the series. That being said, I'm going to keep the magic alive as much as possible, and a 7 part dinner series/viewing party is already in the works to prepare for the final movie premier.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I [Trailer]

So after all the HP fun, I got to go dress shopping with my mom since my parents were in town for the weekend. Not for me this time, though- for her! We wanted to get a head start on finding her a dress for the wedding next year, and Saks 5th Avenue was conveniently located right across the street from their hotel, so we hopped on over and gathered up some potential dresses. We still can't decide whether to go long or short, but here were some of our faves: (p.s. Mom, any photos taken by my camera are fair game for the blog!)

Isn't she pretty?!? The colors don't show very well, but the top is black with black and white lace, the middle is navy blue with a sparkly floral mesh on top, and the bottom is plum velvet with a little purple brooch at the side of her waist. I called it right away that my dad would like number 2, and after looking at the photos, he confirmed this. I tend to like my mom in knee length or tea length dresses (great legs run in the family!) but that top dress is just. so. perfect. Aside from the color- there's no black in our palette and I'd prefer that the parents don't wear black either, so it's a no go. The good news is that it's a very classic shape, with a deep v in the back, so I'm certain that we'll either a. find something like it or b. if we decide it's the one, be able to have it made very easily! We have another shopping date planned for after Christmas so maybe we'll be able to narrow it down. Or we'll keep shopping, cuz it's fun!

After the dress excitement, Sean and I were lucky enough to celebrate our engagement with a large group of our friends and family, thanks to Sean's brother and sister in law. They hosted a party on Saturday night and we were absolutely blown away by the work that they put in to making it a party that we would never forget.

 There were wine glasses (which each guest got to take home!) that had magnetic charm "save the dates" around each stem. They even got a cake (spice cake with cream cheese frosting!) that was shaped like a wine bottle and had our names on the label. My favorite part was the "vintage 2008" on the label (that's the year we met!) Mary and Derek did an excellent job with decorating, as you can see.

Derek, Mary, Me and Sean before the guests arrived.

 Our little grape wine glass coaster flip flops :)

Friends Julie, Tom, Stacey and Brett

The bridesmaids: Becky, Anna, Emily and Crista with me!

The parents: Darryl and Karen, and my mom and Dad with Sean and I

Derek, Karen, Mary and Darryl

Monica and Jesse with Sean and I. Note our awesome hats. We played a game where we had to answer questions about each other, like, "What was the name of Lauren's first pet?" (it's Corey, btw, Sean) and if we got it wrong we had to chew a piece of double bubble. By the end of the game Sean had three pieces of gum and I had two. There were only five questions!

 Sean has a big head, apparently.

Jarrod, Justin, Ashlee and Kaity

Former coworkers from MEHC Denise and Kathy

Kelly, Me, Becky, Emily and Laura- all Mizzou grads!

Clearly, we had an excellent time at our engagement party and cannot thank Derek and Mary enough for putting in so much love and hard work to make it all happen.

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  1. It was a great party...they were so creative!

    Also, I guess I think like your dad. I think your mom looks fabulous in all of them, but number 2 is especially flattering. I'm sure she can't go wrong in her choice though.


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